Saturday, November 10, 2012

So I'm still a bit freaky about the hair loss. I'm not really sure it is connected to the Fibromyalgia but it seems like it. I've only been taking the Biotin for a few days so I don't really know much about whether it's helping or not. I was freaking out bad this morning. Eventually if I have enough bald spots they are going to connect. My friends are helping me come up with ideas about what to do. Of course right now I can hide the spots with the rest of my hair. One of my friend's said she has another friend that shaved her head at some point. Then she got a wig. A wig sounds hot but if I didn't have any hair I guess it would be cooler. My friend also said another friend would just wear a scarf around her head. I suppose a hat might work too. I'm going to lose my mind over this. After all the things I have come up with to work around my Fibromyalgia, now this. Another one of my friends suggested asking at the clinic for a referral to a dermatologist. I saw one years ago so I'm going to work on that. Eventually. When I can work up the energy. Ok enough of this pity party. The Biotin is going to help. I know it.

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