Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fibromyalgia In the Mornings

I did something to help me with my fibromyalgia that I have been thinking about for a long time. As I have mentioned before I am still working. This in part is due to the fact the agency I work for works with families that have a member with a disability. They allow me to flex my time. I can make up calls and activities with families after hours and on the weekends when I need to. I can therefore come in late when I do not have appointments. Morinings are sometimes rough with the fibromyalgia. I have a hard time getting dressed. I feel like I sleep but as soon as I'm up I hurt and I'm stiff. Even my medication doesn't help, especially lately. Well I like coffee. Alot. I finally went to the store on one of the few days I could work up the energy and ignore the pain and got a programmable coffee pot. So now I have a new 'new' routine when I get home. After bringing in the dog, I make sure she has food and water out. Then I figure out what I plan to eat and get some water to put by my chair. Once I sit down I hurt so bad I may not be able to do this later. Before I sit down I set up my new coffee pot. The first day I didn't do so well. I woke up and there was no coffee. The past two days have been much better. I also find that smelling the coffee wakes me up if the alarms did not. I'm still late but not as late. I guess the different smell eventually gets my attention. Do you have any little tricks to help you get up? Let me know.

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