Thursday, November 8, 2012

So another wrinkle in my relationship with Fibromyalgia is my hair is falling out. I'm a bit freaky about that. It started about a year a year and a half ago. A patch of hair about the size of a quarter fell out one evening. It sort of fell out in chunks. Not to gross you out too much but it makes this funny little noise when it comes out. Anyway it came out in chunks the root and all of it. I told several of the doctors I see at the clinic I go to at our local university. They really don't seem too concerned about it. One of them did mention I should get some Biotin and reduce my stress. That was about the extent of any thing ANY of them told me. I checked with a couple of pharmacies I deal with and neither one knew what Biotin was. I had forgotten about it. Well here we are now and another quarter sized patch has fallen out. Roots and all, with the creepy little noise too. A friend picked my up some Biotin. Come to find out Biotin is actually a B-vitamin. So I'm trying it. I'll let you know if it helps. Does any of the rest of you have problems with Fibromyalgia and hair loss?

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