Monday, May 25, 2015

Vocational Rehabilitation Approval

I have made it through the first part of the process to get a wheelchair for work. I had to be approved for services at Louisiana Rehabilitation Service. LRS is my state's Vocational Rehabilitation agency. I am surprised that this part went so smoothly.

I guess I had the right information and combination of diagnosis for this to work. Fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, RLS, obesity, and a metal plate (rod) in my arm. I do not remember what else. I also rented a manual wheelchair to see if I could do that.

 I was not very good at it but I was able to wheel it a little bit. Unfortunately my shoulder was the problem. Years ago the doctor and therapists had told me the metal plate in my elbow area would affect either the joint above it or below it.

 I am waiting to hear from someone about the next step. This seems like such a slow process. Especially considering that I am still trying to figure out how to do what I need to do at work. Hopefully I will not lose my job before this all comes together.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Am Not Lazy

Sometimes people have real interesting views on my fibromyalgia. More accurately they have interesting views on what I can and cannot do. I do not do very many social activities. I also do not do a lot of physical activities at work. I thought I was making up for that by doing other things. Apparently that is not what other people think or more accurately see. I need a lot of down time. Even when I am not having a painful day, I still have some pain. My body does not do the things other people seem to do easily. Pain is a good marker to watch. At least for me it is. I stopped feeling like I needed to explain or apologize for what I am doing. At some point I was tired of hearing myself explain, once again, why I could not do something. I am re-thinking that because I do not want to hurt people’s feelings or give the impression I do not want to do my share. I do the things I do to stay as healthy and as active as I can. I do not want to stay home many days. I used to like going to resource fairs for work. But if I want to work at a job I love and spend time with children and grandchildren I must stay home some days. I do not want friends to be upset with me or co-workers to feel put upon. My health is a priority for me though. Pain teaches a person a lot. People cannot always see that though. I need to remember that people need to know I still am interested in them and enjoy them and want to help. What is true for me is not necessarily true for them. I do hope and pray that everyone learns to do and ask for what they need to stay healthy.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


It is soo slow. I of course am ready for a motorized scooter or wheelchair today. But government agencies do not work that quickly. I finally called the doctor's office. I of course asked about the scooter. The nurse kept talking about sending the doctor's notes. I need to remember the agency I am working with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) for a few years has been under the Workforce Commission. The Workforce Commission is what they used to call the Unemployment office. I guess it is more efficient to have employment related agencies under one roof. Any way LRS is what is called Vocational Rehabilitation in other states. Back to my story, the Workforce Commission (ie LRS) asks for the doctor's notes first to see if they can find a diagnosis. Then they ask for a diagnosis/prognosis directly. I am still in the first stage of seeing if I qualify for services at all. I guess I am concerned because I got so many of my diagnosis while my children were still young and long before this doctor. Although I consider Fibromyalgia my primary diagnosis I have many others, sleep apnea, RLS, a metal pin in my arm, among others. That is all I know at this point.