Thursday, June 30, 2011

The joy of Fibromyalgia is that I forgot what I have done before. So if I have spoke about this before sorry!

One of my theories with no basis other than my own experience is that I have to find new ways of doing things in everyday life. One of those things is my grabber. My shoulders hurt to much to be able to reach things that have fallen behind stuff or things that are too high. The grabber is a big help. At least on days when my hands don't hurt.

So what is your favorite piece of equipment?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Smoothies Update

I have not posted about these in awhile. They initially seemed to help with my Fibromyalgia. I made and drank them for a long time. I stopped because I got tired of so much banana. I did hear of a smoothie made with ripe avacado as the base.

Some alternative remedies seem to help the Fibromyalgia for awhile, then not so much. I think of the smoothies more as a natural medicine. I then forget about them. Do you think that is the fibrofog?

It might be time to start making smoothies again!

Friday, June 3, 2011

Fibromyalgia and Three Days of Work

I went to the capitol yesterday for work. I got up early for a workshop I really wanted to attend today for work. My Fibromyalgia is screaming at me to stop. The second day of the workshop is tomorrow. Although I have a working knowledge of the information I still want to hear it.

I'm surviving on coffee and energy drinks right now. I need to go tend to an adult child that won't listen but then I will sleep. Or at least till I have to pick up the youngest son from work around 11pm. Sleep is better for my Fibromalgia than the energy drinks but I do what I have to do.

I do have another energy drink hidden in the car for tomorrow. :D That's how I keep moving even when I hurt. But I may crash Thursday. Then again I may not. errrrr

I know how to keep going when I have to. I wish I could predict which things would make me hurt and when. Stupid Fibromyalgia.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blogging Again

Yes, I know I'll never have any readers if I don't post...