Sunday, April 25, 2010

Fibromyalgia and a Cure

Some people in the medical field are ambitious. They may want a large grant or a disease named after them selves. They may want honor from colleagues. None of this really, has anything to do with finding a cure for a disease.

It reminds me of the story of Robert Stroud. He started of life as a semi-literate man who was sent to prison. He was sent to prison for crimes that would be plea bargained away in this day and age. Stroud spent 43 years in solitary confinement.

During this time he discovered his own intellect. In prison classes he awed his teachers by passing tests. Many of the tests were passed the first time he took them. Stroud became a self taught mathmetician, astronomer, engineer, linguist, ornithologist, and biologist.

He also was the discoverer of many of the cures of disease of birds and canaries. Stroud taught himself criminal law. He wrote a 200,000 word book on the penal system.

At this point either you are saying I get it or what is your point. The point is that brain power is what will find a cure for fibromyalgia. Speculation can only bring smiles and smirks. A cure is the answer.

Many questions remained unanswered. Like what is the relationship between fibromyalgia and the complaints of pain in the skin? Are there older diseases which cause similar problems that are more destructive? Allergies seem to figure into Fibromyalgia for some people. What would that relationship be?

At some point I will write more about cause and effect. I also will be looking more into what can be done with old world medicine or what we are calling today alternative medicine.

I also want to explore what this group of symptoms may have been called in the past and what may have been done to treat it. Unfortunately it is slow and there is only so much time and energy when you have Fibromyalgia.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


One of the best things I have spent my money on was something to help the oxygen in my body. In all honesty I am not sure I understand it all. As close as I can get the solution binds with free radicals in my body to make oxygen. That $35.00 was the best money.

I have never gotten to the number of drops recommended on the bottle. What I can say is I can feel it when I skip putting a couple drops in a bottle of water.

I got it at my local vitamin and supplement store.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Fibromyalgia Pain: Muscles

Many people describe fibromyalgia pain as tension in their muscles. It feels like your muscles are tired after working out. The only problem is you were not working out.

Other people describe a tingling in their muscles. Some people who have arthritis and fibromyalgia describe it as feeling like arthritis in muscles instead of joints.

Relief can be had with some of the same techniques you might use for any other pain. I have used topical creams and over the counter pain medications.

I have used hot baths with Epsom salt in it with some relief. This is a trick athletes use for muscle fatigue. It helps draw out lactic acid that has built up. One friend sits in a bath chair under the shower as hot as she can stand it.

After a car accident that aggravated the fibromyalgia, physical therapy helped for awhile. Massage and heat seemed to be the most effective.

I learned to recreate those things at home. I had a vibrating pillow. I also had a board that vibrated and heated that was very helpful.

I had found the board years ago at a garage sale. I got the pillow one year at Christmas. I am s cheap it hurts. Being careful with money is becoming more and more important the sicker I get.

Of course these things only took the edge off the muscle pain. In the beginning I knew nothing. I was glad for any relief I could get.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fibromyalgia Treatment

I have learned to keep an open mind concerning fibromyalgia treatment. In the beginning I thought all the alternative therapies were silly. At some point I was willing to try anything though.

Imagine my surprise when some of those therapies worked. At some point even just taking the edge off the pain was enough.

Experts on pain agree that Physical Therapy is a Fibromyalgia Treatment that deserves close examination. Physical Therapy helps with muscle tone and flexibility. Physical therapy has been helpful when I have been in pain, especially during the winter months.

Other fibromyalgia treatments to consider are water therapy, light aerobics, applying heat or cold, acupuncture, and chiropractic manipulation either by hand or machine.

I have had good results with a chiropractor using a machine to apply the manipulation and have had relief from pain.

Some people have also found some relief with massage. Of course you need to tell the masseuse that you have fibromyalgia so you can ease into this and other treatments.

Friends have shared with me their success in using massage chairs when having problems with pain. Since you can buy a system to put on your own chair or a chair that has massage in it I suppose it is cheaper as well.