Sunday, February 27, 2011

Memory and Fibro Fog

One of the most annoying things about Fibromyalgia is the Fibro Fog. It drives me nuts. Some days I can't remember who I am or where I'm going. I'm always trying to come up with things that will help.

I was interested in reading that researchers believe that beta carotene may help with preventing memory loss and other types of memory problems. Beta Carotene is found in carrots and other bright vegetables and fruit.

I plan to add some more of these into my diet. I need all the help I can get. Please give me seconds of spinach, broccoli, apricots, sweet potatoes, and carrots.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stress and Fibromyalgia

One of the things I have learned about my Fibromyalgia is that stress makes it worse. I recently read where stress inhibits new brain cell growth. I need those brain cells.

Especially when medical professionals tell me that the reason I feel the pain maybe due to mixups in the signals in my nervous sytem. That sounds like I need my brain...

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Inflamation and the Brain

My drug of choice for my Fibromyalgia is ibuprofen. Of course I have things stronger but that is the first one that I reach for. Many times it is all I need to take the edge off so I can get to work or continue working that day.

One of the things that runs in my family is Alzheimers. I do not know if Alzheimers has anything to do with Fibromyalgia. I was excited to learn that my ibuprofen was one of the thing that may be preventative for the Alzheimers though.

At least some things are working in my favor! What about you what little things are you finding that are working in your favor?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Post About Green Smoothies

I'm afraid I have not kept this up as much as I should. It took several days before I noticed a difference. I never really noticed the smoothies helped with pain. I did notice when the pain came back.

I started buying some V-8 for the days I do not get to make a smoothie. I buy the ones with low sodium as I try to stay away from salt as much as possible. The V-8 has parsley, lettuce, spinach, watercress, and beets in them, among other vegetables.

These are all vegetables I do not get to eat on a regular basis. I have already started to notice the pain recede again. Oh yeah and I forgot, the smoothies had made the chocolate cravings more controllable. The craving came back but has started to recede again with the V-8.

I will let you know how this works. I really believe food can heal or at least take the edges off pain.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Portable Heating Pads

The other day I had a stitch in my side that just would not go away. I had it for several days. I decided to try one of those portable heating pads. Like the Thermacare, but really it was a store brand. You see I'm kind cheap or well frugal.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it help my side but it helped keep me warm all over. Since keeping warm is one of the things that helps my Fibromyalgia, you can see why I'm so excited. I have some at home and some in my desk at work now.

They are not exactly a natural remedy but they certainly are not medicine either!