Thursday, May 25, 2017

Wheelchair Adventures

I haven't posted in a while.  I don't really even know if anyone reads these.  I did finally get my power wheelchair.  It took a solid year.  I have learned so much during that year and am still learning since I got it.

I suppose I thought things would be so much better when I got the power chair.  And it is, I can go places I have not been in years.  I can do things that it had become impossible for me to do.  Unfortunately there is a whole set of challenges I have bumped into since getting the chair and am still trying to figure out.

Most of those challenges have to do with the life.  For instance, I had been told I might have to pay a little more for car insurance.  Well because I have an older model car and because the lift is worth as much as my car my car insurance doubled!!  That was the first of many surprises.

I thought about starting another blog with the name of this post.  Then I though of all the things including the wheelchair I wanted to talk about.  So I am going to stick with this one.  Whether anyone reads it or not. :-)