Thursday, May 14, 2015


It is soo slow. I of course am ready for a motorized scooter or wheelchair today. But government agencies do not work that quickly. I finally called the doctor's office. I of course asked about the scooter. The nurse kept talking about sending the doctor's notes. I need to remember the agency I am working with Louisiana Rehabilitation Services (LRS) for a few years has been under the Workforce Commission. The Workforce Commission is what they used to call the Unemployment office. I guess it is more efficient to have employment related agencies under one roof. Any way LRS is what is called Vocational Rehabilitation in other states. Back to my story, the Workforce Commission (ie LRS) asks for the doctor's notes first to see if they can find a diagnosis. Then they ask for a diagnosis/prognosis directly. I am still in the first stage of seeing if I qualify for services at all. I guess I am concerned because I got so many of my diagnosis while my children were still young and long before this doctor. Although I consider Fibromyalgia my primary diagnosis I have many others, sleep apnea, RLS, a metal pin in my arm, among others. That is all I know at this point.

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