Wednesday, February 12, 2020



We moved again. This is the second time in 5 years. Of course my fibromyalgia flares befor, during, and after moving. I needed a house bad the first time. It was really a terrible house though. I told the landlord to tear it down to the ground. He laughed but I tried to tell him.

There are less stairs at the new house. Even though there were only three steps in and two steps from the livingroom to the kitchen at the old house those steps gave me pain. So less steps at the new house is good.

It is just so hard to explain to other people who don't have fibromyalgia. I sleep in a recliner due to my sleep apnea. The recliner sits differently at this house which makes me hurt. The floors have different pitches that make me hurt. Even the toilet being in a different position makes me hurt.

The lymph nodes in my arms ard the size of 50 cent pieces... I am trying every trick I know to function in my family and work but this is a pretty bad flare. Unfortunately I think the long term answer will be time for my body to adjust.

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