Saturday, February 22, 2020

Accident - Minor

Accident - Minor

Like other people with fibromyalgia I am in pain all the time. I really try hard not to complain every day but I hurt till I could cry every day. I still get up and go to work. This is my dream job. (Well aside from an astronaut. 😛)

Some how I hurt my foot. I don't know how. I am very careful of my feet. I step out of my recliner into my shoes. I step out of the shower into my shoes. It is actually funny because I never wore shoes as a teenager or young adult.

Anyway my foot felt like razor blades were under it for days. Of course I decided it was getting gangrene because it hurt so bad. I would have to get my foot cut off and wouldn't be able to walk or drive at all. (It is my left foot not the one I drive with.)

My daughter took this picture. There are only two little red marks about the size of two gum balls.  It really hurt though. I finally had to take a sick day at work. I hardly ever take sick days.

The only thing I can figure is the fibromyalgia multiplied the pain from the two little raw spots. Then the stress of being in pain for so many years now made me anxious.

My daughter is helping me clean it and dress it. I can't really see it myself so this is a huge help.  I need to remember that even the slightest accident will cause me to feel pain beyond what is reasonable though. I knew that but I suppose I forgot.


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