Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fibromyalgia Pain

I sit here and try to think about what to write about. All I can think of for the past several weeks is all the times that I am in pain. I was at a training and the only thing I could think of the whole day was how much pain I was in. The only reason I didn't leave is that my employer had paid alot for me to be there. I learned that day around the pain. Another day I hurt I decided it was because of the weather. The only problem with that is that there is always weather coming or going. That struck me as funny that day. I laughed around the pain. Another day I had a meeting to go to. I didn't think I could walk that far. I told a co-worker I could go if she would come get me and drop me at the door. I wanted to go. She didn't want to bring me with her. I missed a meeting around the pain. And life goes on. I learn despite the pain. I laugh through some pain. I miss something because of pain. I guess that's just the way it goes. What do you do to get through it? I really want to know.

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