Thursday, November 29, 2012

Firbromyalgia and My Future

Some days I just can't keep it together. I just panic because I hurt so bad. I know it's going to go away. Some days all I can do is call a friend and laugh. We were both having bad days. The what are we going to do days. We both love our jobs but some days just can't get there. So this is the plan. Whoever feels best is going to wheel one of the office chairs down the ramp to get the other one. Haha No wait we have another plan. We are going to start saving our pennies so we can buy electric wheel chairs. I'm going to have to save harder so I can get one sturdy enough to ride to work when my car dies. We have a friend who rides her wheel chair all over towm. lol Maybe we can get recliners for our offices... I'm working on a prayer chain. Really. Oh my the silly things we can think of. How about you? What silly ideas have you thought of to deal with your fibromyalgia or any other disability? We have to keep laughing.

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