Sunday, May 17, 2015

I Am Not Lazy

Sometimes people have real interesting views on my fibromyalgia. More accurately they have interesting views on what I can and cannot do. I do not do very many social activities. I also do not do a lot of physical activities at work. I thought I was making up for that by doing other things. Apparently that is not what other people think or more accurately see. I need a lot of down time. Even when I am not having a painful day, I still have some pain. My body does not do the things other people seem to do easily. Pain is a good marker to watch. At least for me it is. I stopped feeling like I needed to explain or apologize for what I am doing. At some point I was tired of hearing myself explain, once again, why I could not do something. I am re-thinking that because I do not want to hurt people’s feelings or give the impression I do not want to do my share. I do the things I do to stay as healthy and as active as I can. I do not want to stay home many days. I used to like going to resource fairs for work. But if I want to work at a job I love and spend time with children and grandchildren I must stay home some days. I do not want friends to be upset with me or co-workers to feel put upon. My health is a priority for me though. Pain teaches a person a lot. People cannot always see that though. I need to remember that people need to know I still am interested in them and enjoy them and want to help. What is true for me is not necessarily true for them. I do hope and pray that everyone learns to do and ask for what they need to stay healthy.

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