Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fibromyalgia Is Real

Even in this day I still run into doctors who do not believe Fibromyalgia is a real condition. Some times it is a general practitioner or a specialist who does not believe. They will treat someone with a large number of what are typical symptoms and still not see it.

It seems like the legitimacy of the disease should be based on strong evidence of its existence. This is true for a lot of diseases so this is not unreasonable. This is similar to my understanding of the psychology of pain.

Basically, you can not feel my pain, but if you could it would hurt. All of this reminds me of the psychology of pain. If I have pain it can not necessarily be measure, but if I feel it intensely, it is real. It is real whether you believe it or not.

One other issue is my surprise about how professionals think. Many professionals are having to realize they do not know everything. Myself and people I know are in pain. They have the same symptoms and problems as many other people.

These people may live thousands of miles apart and not know each other. They may not even know what this disorder is called. Surprisingly, they all have similar symptoms.

It is hard to retain a sense of humor or composure when people call what you feel tired butt syndrome or lazyitis. It just seems with the amount of people involved there is more going on, a real disease.

Some people will be tempted to give it a psychological name. Unfortunately this was also true for many diseases we now know. Science had to catch up with what real people were reporting. Science thought of these diseases as myths until it found a link between cause and effect.

Diseases that make you feel weak, sick or dizzy and even take away your will to live have no psychological component. At least until you start feeling however the disease makes you feel.

Gulf War Syndrome, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and even a disease that makes you laugh yourself to death were once a myth. They were a myth until a relationship was found in the chemical section of the brain or body. This may well what happens in Fibromyalgia.

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